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 Accelerating Drug Development Since 2001

Formulation Development

We utilize our extensive experience, expertise, and novel technologies to address complex formulation and drug delivery problems.

Analytical Services

At HTD we offer several analytical services. We can identify the most stable conformation of the protein using a number of biophysical approaches. 

Design of Experiments

DOE is a powerful tool that assists formulation scientists with high throughput drug formulation development.  

iFormulate™, high throughput formulation development

iFormulate™ by HTD Corp accelerates the development of biotech drugs. The iFormulate concept is based on an efficient high throughput algorithm that utilizes rational design of experiments and formulation parameters, to develop a pharmaceutically acceptable drug product.

We have worked with more than 100 clients worldwide

"HTD completed a rather complex project on time and within budget. HTD team brought a good balance of detailed planning and big picture thinking together which was key to the project success. Given the positive outcome, I was very satisfied with the work.”
 -Director of Manufacturing Technology,
 Large Biopharmaceutical Company