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Rational Design & Accelerated Formulation of Biologics
Man doing experimentsMan doing experiments

Formulation Development

Formulation development is an important aspect of product development. We utilize our extensive experience, expertise, and novel technologies to address complex formulation and drug delivery problems.

Analytical Services

At HTD we offer several analytical services. The approach we use for formulation is to identify the most stable conformation of the protein using a number of biophysical approaches.  Characterizing and stabilizing the conformation of a molecule is key to developing a successful, stable, and robust formulation.  
Man using lab equipmentMan using lab equipment
Man doing experimentsMan doing experiments

Design of Experiments

Design of Experiments or DOE is a powerful tool that assists formulation scientists with high throughput drug formulation development.  The main purpose of using DOE is to minimize the number of trials and maximize the results.


We provide customized lyophilization services and develop efficient freeze-drying cycles for various biotech drugs ranging from small molecules, peptides, proteins, and drug delivery systems (e.g liposomes).
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