Parenteral Drug Delivery Systems

Provides expertise in the development and production of parenteral drugs, which are administered through injections or other means that bypass the digestive system.

In addition to our expertise in targeted drug delivery systems, HTD Biosystems also has a strong track record in the development of parenteral drug delivery systems.

Parenteral drug delivery refers to the administration of drugs through routes other than the oral route, such as injectable formulations.

Our team of scientists and engineers has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of parenteral drug delivery, and we have developed a wide range of injectable formulations, including solutions, suspensions, emulsions, and lyophilized products. We use a variety of technologies and approaches, including micro- and nano-particulate systems, to optimize the stability, bioavailability, and safety of our injectable products.

We have a proven track record of success in the development of parenteral drug delivery systems for a wide range of indications, including cancer, inflammation, infectious diseases, and immunology. We are committed to advancing the field of parenteral drug delivery and to developing innovative solutions that improve the effectiveness and safety of treatments for patients.